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Author: Behind the Plow

Conventional vs. Organic Farming: Which should you practice?

The conventional vs. organic farming debate has always been a hot issue. The truth is, there really needn’t be a debate at all. Both methods, in the end, come with their own pros and cons. Likewise, each farmer is free to choose what methods they want to adopt on the farm. If you’re just starting and undecided on which path to take, this guide is for you. Remember: there isn’t a right way or a wrong way. It really boils down to your priorities, personal preference, and objectives. In fact, many farmers incorporate both organic and inorganic methods into...

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7 Ways to Protect Livestock from Parasites

Livestock parasites have plagued farmers since the very beginning of the trade. Here are seven ways you can protect livestock from parasites and all the health problems that they bring. 1. Manure management Parasites are mainly contracted through exposure to larvae-containing manure. Removing them from grazing areas can therefore help minimize parasitic infections on your livestock. Needless to say, you should also regularly clean stalls, cages, and other farm areas that your animals frequently visit. 2. Grazing rotation Parasite eggs passed in livestock manure reach their infective stage in as early as six days. With that said, one of...

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Save Energy on the Farm with This Guide

On top of raw materials and equipment, energy cost is another major expense that you have to deal with as a farm owner. Obviously, you’ll need to save energy on the farm to build a lucrative, high-profit business. Not only that, paying close attention to your farm’s energy efficiency will do the environment a huge favor. With that said, here are the best ways to make your farm more energy-efficient. Minimize lighting costs Electricity accounts for at least 17% of the agricultural sector’s energy consumption. For small farms, this figure tends to get even higher. With that said, it’s...

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